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This hole could be the trickiest in the entire course (Green A). Your first hit must accurately shoot your ball to the center-right of the fairway. Note that the rock area in front of the fairway extends to the left. Therefore, the more the ball goes to the left, the easier it falls the penalty area. For your second hit, since the bunker on the right side of the green is quite deep, you should avoid shooting it. In addition, the slope of the green is steep, and there's a safer area on the front left of the green. If the flagpole is at the rear, your second shot can aim for the middle of the green, but the distance must be accurate. Scoring a par on this hole will be a great result.

Green A B
PAR 4 4
Gold Tee YDS 453 434
Blue Tee YDS 415 393
White Tee YDS 386 357
Red Tee YDS 295 292